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For families

Research has indicated the earlier the intervention begins for children with autism (I.e. between 10 months to five years) the better the outcomes.

PlayAble is an early intervention therapeutic program for young children with autism. The program supports children to achieve their individualised goals and learning outcomes.

PlayAble’s ultimate goal is to increase a child’s level of preparedness to transition into mainstream education. In addition, PlayAble aims to build parental capacity by providing ‘homework’ in the form of take-home strategies and a toolkit. By doing this, the therapists further extend their teaching opportunities beyond the sessions. As a PlayAble family you will have access to a member portal where you can access information regarding the program and weekly tip sheets and activities to further extend your child’s learning opportunities.


per session
per family

You may be eligible to access PlayAble through the following payment option: 

  • NDIS funding  
  • Helping Children with Autism Package (HCWA) 
  • Private Health Insurance/Private Health Funds

To find out more about the various payment options, please talk to your chosen service provider.  

PlayAble families also need to pay an annual membership fee to Playgroup Queensland of $40. 

Sign up to the PlayAble program

To express interest in taking part in a PlayAble program near you click on the link below: