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For almost a decade, Playgroup Queensland has delivered facilitated playgroups for young children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or those children showing characteristics of ASD. After two years of trial and review, Playgroup Queensland developed PlayAble, a program that marries evidenced-based group intervention (i.e. Early Start Denver Model, ESDM), with facilitated playgroups for families with a child aged two-to-five who has an ASD diagnosis or is undergoing assessment.

PlayAble is looking to partner with likeminded organisationsThe benefits to you of investing in PlayAble are: 

  1. One of its kind as a group-based intervention. 
  2. Opportunity to expand your service offerings. 
  3. Chance to deliver an evidence-based therapy program without needing to schedule staff. 
  4. It is a unique income stream. 
  5. Branding opportunity. 
  6. Cross-marketing opportunities with Playgroup Queensland. 

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